About Vans: Shop Riot

VANS_SR2015_TW1200x600_seriesVans Shop Riot celebrates the teams and the independent stores that make our scene what it is.

In 2015, the series marks seven years of fostering camaraderie and community, and championing the best bits of European skateboarding through the Vans Shop Riot format. Taking in fifteen stops across the continent, the Vans Shop Riot 2015 hits everywhere from Spain to Scandinavia, Poland to Portugal, before winding up in the final of finals, pitching the cream of our humble community against each other for the ultimate accolade of Vans Shop Riot Series Champions 2015!

Vans Shop Riot 2015 Event Listing:

  • UK, 25th-26th April, Pioneer Skatepark, St Albans
  • Belgium, 26th April, Flesh&Bones Skatepark, Aalst
  • Germany/Austria, 9th-10th May, North Brigade Skatepark, Cologne
  • Spain, 16th May, La Chopera, Leganes
  • Israel, 28th May, Galit Skatepark, Tel Aviv
  • Russia 13th June, Shosse Entuziastov (Izmaylovskiy Park), Moscow
  • Italy, 14th June, Platza Skatepark, Bolzano
  • Switzerland, 20th June, Lugano Skatepark, Lugano
  • Netherlands, 21st June, Burnside Skatepark, Deventer
  • France, 28th June, Cosanostra Skatepark, Chelles
  • Czech Republic, 18th July, Skatepark Stadion mládeže, Ustí nad Labem
  • Poland, 1st August, Widzew Skatepark, Łódź
  • Baltics, 22nd August, Monsterparks, Riga, Latvia
  • Greece, 5th September Maroussi Skatepark, Maroussi
  • Portugal, 12th September, Parque das Gerações, São João Do Estoril, Cascais
  • Nordics, 11th September, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • FINALS, 19th & 20th September, La Chopera, Leganes, Spain

This year we asked artist Weaselface to draw us the Shop Riot picture.

Weaselface is a skateboarder and artist, from Plymouth in the South West of England, who has been creating gruesome drawings since a young age.

Skateboarding and punk rock have been a huge inspiration in his work, leading to him drawing strange and stupid characters as well as plenty of skate related things.

An artist with a true DIY ethic, Weaselface is regularly making his own t-shirts and zines. He’s driven by hatred of scooter kids and rollerbladers, which often brings him a lot of hate mail. But hey, that’s just an excuse to draw more!