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Vans Shop Riot 2013 Netherlands - 12 May 2013

Vans Shop Riot 2013 Netherlands - 12 May 2013

Vans Shop Riot Vans Shop Riot

Vans Shop Riot Benelux went down Sunday at Burnside Skate Park in Deventer with a full house and a day of insane skating and fun!

Sparky from Zwolle came in at a well deserved 1st place while favourites “Ben-G and Burnside” could not get it down in the finals. The young guns  from 100% skateshop impressed the crowd in the qualifier, but came a bit short at show time.

It was a great day as always, sun was shining, beers were flowing and the shops Shifty from Enschede and Sparky from Zwoll joined in traditionally in a touring car bus.

Here are the final results:

      Shop             Plaats
   Sparky            Zwolle
2    Burnside        Deventer
3    Sevenply        Rotterdam
4    Honderd%    Eindhoven
5    Fier                 Dordrecht
6    Eightdayz     Utrecht
7    Ben G             Amsterdam
8    Revert           Haarlem

Stay tuned for the video edit coming fresh this week!

Vans Shop Riot 2013 Burnside - Rick Holtvluwer - Treflip

Vans Shop Riot 2013 Burnside Netherlands - Sparky Skateshop Winner

photo credit: Mathijs Tromp

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Where: Burnside Skate Park, Deventer
When: 12 May 2013
Time: Doors 11am
Free entry!

Vans Shop Riot 2013 NL

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