Vans Shop Riot 2015

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2015 Vans Shop Riot Finals - Results & Gallery

2015 Vans Shop Riot Finals - Results & Gallery

Vans Shop Riot Vans Shop Riot

All Photos: ©Loic Benoit

Thats a wrap! Titus took the top spot in this year’s Vans Shop Riot Finals – you can catch the full report and recap edit here, but in the meantime take a scroll through some of the shots taken on the day!

2015 Vans Shop Riot Finals

1st Place: Titus, Germany

2nd Place: Coyote Grind Lounge, Sweden

Best Trick

Stair Set & Ledge: Farid Ulrich (Titus, DE) // Switch Flip Fakie Manual Fakie 360-Flip Out

Street Gap & Rails: Richard Tury (Street Market, CZ) // Nollie Flip Shove-it Backside Boardslide

Big Stair Set & Rails: Simon Hallberg (Coyote Grind Lounge, SWE) // Fakie Bigspin Bluntslide

Thanks to all the Teams who joined us along the way, and those who made it to Madrid:

Boards LV (Baltics), Twits (Belgium), Street Market (Czech Republic), Wall Street (France), Titus (Germany),Slut (Greece), Gilis (Israel), Flame (Italy), Manus (Netherlands), Skate or Die (Poland), Boardshop No.1(Russia), Pandaka (Spain), Coyote Grind Lounge (Sweden), 242 Shop (Switzerland), The Black Sheep (UK)


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