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Vans Shop Riot 2014 Enters Its Final Month

Vans Shop Riot 2014 Enters Its Final Month

Vans Shop Riot Vans Shop Riot
Gatean Vautier Nosegrind
Gatean Vautier, Nosegrind

There’s little more than a month to go before Belgium hosts the 2014 Vans European Shop Riot Finals, but before that, we have the last few stops to go! Every weekend there is a skate battle happening somewhere in Europe! With hotly contested events in Helsinki, Zürich, Poole and Aalst just recently, that there is still more to come!

ZÜRICH, Switzerland, August 23rd

Two weeks ago Switzerland’s best skate shop teams met at the freestyle skatepark in Zurich to battle it out. With a prize pot of 2,000 Swiss Francs and chance to win a ticket to the Vans Shop Riot European finals, it attracted the finest core shop teams from all over the country!

Starting off the contest in bright sunshine, spirits were high from the beginning. A day full of skate action, tasty burgers and waffles and an amazing battle between high profile teams such as Da Shit Shop, 242 Lausanne, and the likes of Doodah Zurich made clear what the Vans Shop Riot series is about. The additional highlight – the Nixon best trick session – in the afternoon made the riders dig deeper into their bags of tricks, and so the crowd was treated to stuff like sw flip to sw frontside board slide on the handrail by Vans rider Sven Kilchenmann.

At the end it was the team from the Da Shit Shop who claimed the victory once again, after havin already taken the title for Switzerland in 2013. The team will fly to the Vans Shop Riot Finals on October 11th/12th and will be challenged to skate up against the shop teams from other European countries.The Team from 242 Lausanne skated hard and ended up in second place, painfully close to Da Shit Shop. Team rider Fabio Martin and his team from Doodah Zurich took the 3rd place. After the contest everyone headed to the notorious Amboss Rampe for the official after party with headliners Freevolution and Those Furious Flames.

AALST, Belgium, August 31st:

We also witnessed some great skate action in Aalst during the last weekend of August!
An awesome turnout of 27 stores battled it out for 1.000 Euro cash and a well-deserved place in the European Shop Riot Finals.

The ambience was great – but what else could you expect when you have a crowd of 400 motivated spectators being spoilt with fine skate action, famous Belgium beer and soft Vans waffles?! There was a lot going on in the Flesh & Bones skate park – Jonathan Vlerick (skating for Rampaffairz) was killing it all day with too many moves to mention, although his 360 from the big stairs was definitely one trick to remember! The park proved to be the perfect location for the finals in October, only the day before the Shop Riot took place Flesh&Bones crew placed a brand new obstacle next to the bridge with the curves railings. This was clearly established as a favourite hit, and it subsequently got shredded to pieces. It was worth a big cheer when judge Lenard Vranckx pulled out his signature move; a one footed feeble grind.

At the very end Rampaffairz came out on top with some great skateboarding. Their 3 riders conquered the park with style and speed. Big ups to: Simon Deprez – Jonathan Vlerick – Trevor Cappen for going all in! Team Twits became second, with SkateBQ coming in at a noble third place.


Stay tuned for the last qualifiers for the European Vans Shop Riot Finals! The upcoming weekend we can expect some more skate action in Greece and Italy. We will be curious to see what our Greek shop teams come up with on September 13th in ancient Athens, where the games will begin in Maroussi skate park!

On September 14th Italian riders will find themselves in The Wall skatepark in the city of Vicenza, battling for 1.000 Euro cash.


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