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Vans SHOP RIOT 2014 Germany/Austria - Report

Vans SHOP RIOT 2014 Germany/Austria - Report

Vans Shop Riot Vans Shop Riot

Titus Münster win after a tough final battle the title of Best Skateshop team in 2014!

The cost to skate this weekend could not have been better: the old and well-known Bowl Shredder Skate Board met with the best weather on the Youngguns and it was a long and intense session in handgeshapten Bowl. The long-awaited DIY Opening was a power-packed meeting like-minded people and we had lots to talk about in the still night to night. The radiant sunshine throughout the weekend caused a good mood and store teams from Germany and Austria met on Sunday morning for breakfast to discuss the strategies for the Vans Shop Riot again in peace, but at the same time the opponents not too much betrayed. It was indeed back around 2000 euros cash for the winning team and participate in the European final in Belgium!
Team Titus Münster had truly earned after heavy qualifying rounds and an even harder final against Mantis, TX Sports and fame from Vienna to win this year !

Early Saturday afternoon saw the first roll in, even international audience and some OMSA members were there to enjoy BBQ, Beers and Bowl sessions where fast mild summer evening in Münster. The open “Cash for Tricks” sessions in the format of Best Trick and Best Line, made for some bloody elbow and collisions in the narrow and very hard to moving concrete Bowl. In addition to cash, the drivers were rewarded with Toy Machine Skateboard, Bones Wheels and Independent Trucks. The audience roared to Death Metal and Bomb Drops by Tim Bijsterveld from the Netherlands and settled beer and sausages just taste so. It was a perfect evening, which set up the motivation for the upcoming Riot Store.

The motto on Sunday was something different: For “The winner takes it all” was the Vans Shop Riot program again and all the guys were highly motivated with their colleagues from the store team to bring home the victory. Already in qualifying saw that nothing would be paid. Titus Münster and TX from Nuremberg were so close together that the judges had to take a quick break. Ultimately, TX were the “lucky loser” and could yet move into the semi-finals!

And in just this semi-final, we went right to the point: The mega team of TX was also blessed with Stefan Pöhlmann highlights, because the did with its stylish kickflips in the big bank on the strong team attentive and so made ​​it for the time being against the winner retired yet.
In addition, the two were Sasha from Team Titus Wuppertal on the way, made ​​it unfortunately despite first try grenades just not the final. Donovan Hofbauer of Fame Shop secured together with his team, but in the finals with Nollie Noseblunts on the big rail and the Austrians were super stoked, as well as the judges too. To Fame, TX, Mantis and Titus Münster were qualified for the finals.
The hall was always hot in the afternoon and the mood was boiling, because it was a Trickgefeuer all four teams. Richi’s team Mantis from Hamburg had a very good position with Michi von Fintel, Oli Brown and Jonas Wilken and gave the last bit of energy in the legs, unfortunately with a few bails during the 4 minute session. Team Titus Münster, which always ended up in previous years in the top 3, but never won, had specially still swapped shirts and flow ingen stay-on lines and highlight were tricks of Karsten Feyler, Christian Krause and Flo Wester’s simply unbeatable , Thus, Mantis, as scarce losers, TX and fame to the local Champs in the final had to admit defeat.

At the end of the long and rich skate event weekend it was called: Who still has the strength and endurance for the best trick? This time the new obstacle with China Banks and Rail was in focus: It could make home advantage in dispute and Karsten shot all over the place, none of the motivation of Karsten Feyler from Münster. The judges rewarded him at the end of the day with the 300 euros for his Bs flip to flat over the big Driveway.
The team Titus Münster will then go in the fall together on the cost of Vans for finals to Belgium to the European Shop Riot Finals participate and international Skateshop to sniff the air!

Thanks to all the stores of Vans Shop Riot assist with their participation and ensure a good time!
The video will follow next week! For more pictures or hi-res qualities like please inquire.


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