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Vans Shop Riot 2014 - Slovakia/Czech Republic and Dutch Edits

Vans Shop Riot 2014 - Slovakia/Czech Republic and Dutch Edits

Vans Shop Riot Vans Shop Riot

Lukas Danek_StreetMarket CZ_huge transferThe 2014 Vans Shop Riot Series began last weekend, with the full force of Czech, Slovakia and Holland’s finest shop teams. May 17th and 18th once again illustrated the significance of your local skate shop, their role in the skateboarding community and highlighted the fact that they’re supporting some badass skateboarders. With the 2014 Shop Riot Tour, Vans are proud to support this community and continue to foster team spirit, whilst providing the perfect battleground for a head to head showdown of shops.

Saturday’s destination of the ‘Concrete Jungle’ Park in Kosice, Slovakia provided some initial challenges for the 10 competing teams; April-like weather conditions flooded the park and caused some delay. After an impressive show of camaraderie and a team effort involving all the riders, judges and visitors mopping up, the event got going. 250 people dropped by to watch young shredders such as Jiggy Daboczi, Honza Rathousky and Stepan Bares pushing themselves and having fun, laying down heavy tricks and taking some equally heavy bails.

Veterans of the Vans Shop Riot, ‘StreetMarket’ (CZ), were clearly comfortable at Slovakia’s biggest skatepark, who, following an intense first heat on the pyramid and some crazy pole jam transfers, took their incredible third title. Tomas Nalevka from ‘Picnic Skateshop’ Team secured the title of ‘Best Trick’, as his switch hard flip was not to be outdone by the rivals. Lukas Danek proved to be the fastest and most reckless rider of day, as he was the first one to hit the finish line at the “Death Race” across the park.

No Vans Shop Riot is a true Vans Shop Riot without a proper after party. Luckily, the legendary Colloseum Club opened its doors for the event’s thirsty souls, and made sure there was enough beer and Sliwowitz available until the early hours, and with that, the Vans Shop Riot begun in classic style! As sun rose on Kosice, over in Holland, the Netherland’s finest teams were lacing up their shoes and heading to Deventer, where the second leg was about to kick off…see below for the round up, videos and results!

Results Vans Shop Riot 2014, Slovakia:

1. StreetMarket CZ (Lukas Danek, Maxim Habanec, Martin Pek, Richie Tury)
2. Picnic Skateshop (Jiri Houka, Honza Kesler, Tomas Nalevka, Daniel Vojtas)
3. StreetMarket SK (Jiggy Daboczi, Feri Daboczi, Ruman Kentos, Janko Mihala)
Best trick: Tomas Nalevka (Picnic) – Switch Hardflip (5 stairs)
Death race: Lukas Danek

Last weekend did not only see the Vans Shop Riot in Slovakia; following Vans’ call for Europe’s finest Independent Skate Shops and their teams to battle it out on May 18th, twenty nine of the Netherlands’ bravest teams rolled into Deventer to continue to 2014 series.
Conversely to those faced in Kosice just the day before, conditions could not have been better, with the warm summer sun leaving many with red shoulders and crispy faces. Skate shops ‘Shifty’ and ‘Sparky’ brought their own bus full of spectators to cheer them on (and boo the others.) The infamous park set-up at ‘Burnside’ was as fine as it has ever been during the past 11 editions of a Vans Shop Riot. The Vans Waffle Stand provided necessary carbs and beer to keep everyone going, whilst a huge BBQ was laid on to cater for the skater’s hungry stomachs.

The warm-up was hectic as ever, with 90 motivated skaters trying to get into the flow and doing their best to defy gravity. The local shop team from Burnside took full advantage of being on home turf, and subsequently cleaned up; a well deserved victory here secured the Dutch team €1,000, plus a slot in the European finals, and with it, a shot at the series title.

Results Vans Shop Riot 2014, Netherlands:

1. Burnside – Deventer (Rob Maatmam, Jelle Maatman, Bert Roeterdink)
2. Manus – Den Haar (Woody Hoogendijk, Billy Hoogendijk, Justin Wagenaar)
3. Sevenply – Rotterdam (Pascal Moelaert, Robbin de Wit, Ricardo Paterno)

Vans Shop Riot 2014 Czech Republic & Slovakia

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