Vans Shop Riot 2015

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Vans Shop Riot 2015 Israel - Results and Gallery

Vans Shop Riot 2015 Israel - Results and Gallery

Vans Shop Riot Vans Shop Riot

1st   Gillies    //      2nd Boarder Line      //       3rd  Wheely Skateshop

The 6th annual shop riot took went down full force yesterday at the Galit skate park in Tel Aviv, with a big crowd gathered around to support the skaters.

The 3 teams that reached the final were:

3. Team Wheely from the north with an amazing young and super technical team, their hottest tricks were:
Backside flip disaster on the quarter pipe.
Front side nose slide on the big 10 stair rail.
Bigger flip on the big bank.
Nose grind back side out on the euro gap ledge.

2. Team Boarder line – last years winners tore the place apart with non stop flow run from Bitzki, who didn’t stop abusing the street section with smith grind on the big rail, noseblunt slide on the big quarter pipe and then another huge indy air on the smaller quarter pipe. Ofer Or, the big man popped a huge nollie nose blunt slide on the big rail and the rookie on the team Snie Kovhsi banged a huge try flip over the pyramid and a sick kick flip over the big rail to the flats.

1. Team Gillies, who won the first four Shop Riot years in Israel, and have now added a 5th win to their belt – re-securing their name as the best shop team going. Consistently stylish Vans rider Noam “Jimmy” Beer – started it all off with an easy big spin over the euro gap, nollie front side in the fun box area and a big try flip over the pyramid with a super easy catch; then Jimmy’s team mates took it further with a huge tre flip over the euro gap down the bank by Dor Hershkovitz, and a buttery frontside flip over the euro gap.

The one that tied the knot for the team was Itam Kessler with a huge bag of tricks all over the park, a big indy air on the extended quarter pipe, nose blunt slide on the quarter, front lip slide and front side tail slide on the big rail and non stop old and new school air to lip tricks on the small quarter pipe.

In summery the 3 skaters from GiIlies team created an amazing, versatile super tech feeling with a nice mix of old school, this made them bring home the shop riot trophy for the 5th time.

Photos by Guy Pitchon


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