Vans Shop Riot 2015

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Vans Shop Riot 2015 Spain - Results & Gallery

Vans Shop Riot 2015 Spain - Results & Gallery

Vans Shop Riot Vans Shop Riot

This past weekend Vans held its annual Shop Riot contest at La Chopera skatepark, in Leganes, Madrid. This year´s edition counted with more than a dozen stores coming from all over the country to fight for well over 3.000€ in cash and a wild card for the European finals. On a perfect sunny Saturday the war was on its way.

As with every year we started with the raffle. A skater from each store was responsible for removing a ballot for the match setup so the battles could begin. Welcome skateshop from Madrid got lucky and drew the wildcard – automatically advancing to the semifinals because there was an uneven number of stores competing.

The skateboarding was intense and most of the battles were very close. In the semifinals two local shops, Pandaka and Customizarte were head to head and after a bitter war, Pandaka earned its spot.

The shops that made it to the finals were Pandaka and Welcome from Madrid and Life from Santander. With six full minutes for each skateshop to skate the whole course by their selves, the finals where on! First up, Pandaka: Gonzalo Jimenez, Danielo and Adrian Ruano, these locals skated very fast and ripped like beasts, in six minutes they destroyed the park so clearly that it became very difficult for the rest of the teams to step up the act.

And so it was, Pandaka took first place (1.500€ and a wild card to the European finals). Welcome took second (750 €) – their rider Rafa Cort was on fire and almost took best skater. Life skatepark finished in third (500 €), and the Monster best skater of the day award was earned by Vans rider Gonzalo Jimenez, giving him a well-deserved 500€, congratulations dude.

To top off the afternoon we had our usual tug of war. Stance skateshop from Madrid took the 200€ reward for the second year in a road.

The audience’s enthusiasm throughout the whole day had it reward and everyone walked away with tones of Vans goodies. Our #vansshopriot2015 hashtag was widely put to use and all sorts of price packs where raffled. One lucky contestant won a great art piece made with recycled skateboards by artist Alberto Velázquez, who made great reproductions of a few Vans classic models.

All food and drinks were supplied by Sal&Chichen, providing German Street food style for competitor and attendees.

Results: 1 place – Pandaka skateshop

2 place – Welcome skateboarding

3 place – Life skatepark

Monster best skater: Gonzalo Jimenez

All photos by Xabi Goitisolo


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