Vans Shop Riot 2015

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Vans Shop Riot 2015 Switzerland - Results and Gallery

Vans Shop Riot 2015 Switzerland - Results and Gallery

Vans Shop Riot Vans Shop Riot

All photos by Alan Maag


1. 242, Lausanne – Sven Kilchenmann, Kilian Zehnder, Jordan Queijo
2. LGS Borad Shop, Les Brassus – Cédric Oosterhoff, Pierre Collombin, Antoine Perrouchoud
3. The Joker Shop, Lugano – Igor Fardin, Matteo Terrani, Simone Chiolerio
4. Pulp68, Genève, Gaetan Vautier, Jigdral Tesin Drakmarjapon, Andrea Crispini
5. 242 Genève – Luc Boimond, Marcus Bruggmann, Jérôme Collomb
6. Subway, Lugano – Epison Letinaj, Alessio D’Ambrosio, Antonio Riolo
The Vans Shop Riot Switzerland 2015 was a great success! 14 teams all over Switzerland got together in beautiful Lugano to battle against each other to win a ticket to the Vans Shop Riot European finals, which will go down in Spain this September. 
The teams pushed each other to reach high level skateboarding. At the end it was the team from 242 Lausanne who made it to the top, closely followed by LGS Board Shop and the locals from The Joker Shop.
Pippo pushed it hard on the big rail during the Nixon best trick session and landed a nice FS bluntslide which got honored with the trick of the day.
Congratulations to all the riders and a big thanks to all the staff who made this happen.
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