Vans Shop Riot 2015

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Vans Shop Riot Nordics 2015 - Results & Gallery

Vans Shop Riot Nordics 2015 - Results & Gallery

Vans Shop Riot Vans Shop Riot

All photos: Daniel Bernstål

Friday the 11th of September saw the crowds gathering in Bunkeberget skatepark, Gothenburg – with nine teams that showed up from Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

The event started with a team presentation, then a contest with 3 chosen features, focusing on one at a time. Each team got three minutes to skate the first – in a jam session format with all 3 riders together – and then after all teams skated obstacle number one we moved on to the second and so on.

After a quick break with free waffles for everyone, the finals began. Four teams each got 3 minutes to skate the complete street course. Coyote Grind Lounge from Stockholm killed it and took home the victory and will represent the Nordics in the European finals in Spain! In the end the top four looked like this:

1st place: Coyote Grind Lounge, Stockholm Sweden
Simon Karlsson, Simon Hallberg, Jonathan Carelle and team manager Alexander Carelle

2nd place: Ponkes the shop, Helsinki, Finland

3rd place: ALIS, Copenhagen, Denmark

4th place: Junkyard, Sweden

Another funny note was that ALIS from Denmark, had the date wrong and thought is was the day after. But with a great dedication (as only the ALIS guys have) they jumped in the car and drove up to Gothenburg from Copenhagen. Missing the entire qualification, arrived during the break before we started the finals and just got out of the car, jumped on the board and recapped 9 minutes in total on the 3 chosen spots in one go. The totally destroyed it – and went straight to the finals! But during their run one of their riders got a hang up and fell straight on the ground and hit the back of his head – the ambulance had to be called in and he had to go to the hospital for a check up, and ALIS made it to a 3rd place in the end.

This day also doubled up as a sneak premiere opening for the new street skate course in the park, which officially launched on Saturday the 12th.

9 teams showed up in total from Sweden, Denmark and Finland:
Coyote Grind Lounge, SE
Junkyard, SE
Hollywood, SE
Kingstreet 3, SE
Streetlab, SE
Ponkes the shop, FI
Union Five, FI (Last years local winners)


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