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Vans Shop Riot 2014 Nordics - Results & Edit

Vans Shop Riot 2014 Nordics - Results & Edit

Vans Shop Riot Vans Shop Riot

Union Five Finnishes off the competition as the Vans Shop Riot goes down in Helsinki.

This weekend saw the Vans Shop Riot hit not just one, but two countries; first up were the Nordics, with the series touching down in Helsinki, Finland, before moving on to Zurich, Switzerland.

Nine of the Nordic’s finest skate shops assembled their teams and headed to the Finnish capital. Once there, a selection of the city’s most infamous spots awaited and would form the stages for the day’s showdown. Foregoing the usual format of holding the whole thing in one place, this year’s Vans Shop Riot made the best of Helsinki’s varied terrain and abundance of skate spots, selecting three of the best, each with its own opportunities and challenges.

Last year’s victors – Alis from Copenhagen – returned to defend their title, and Finland’s own Ponkes were here to do battle on home ground, after placing a solid 3rd at Copenhagen’s Fælledparken in 2013. A further four teams from across Finland and three more from Sweden came together to lock horns and unleash their finest tricks across the city.

As ever, the level of skating was high, and by the time the teams had hit the second spot, in the shadow of the Kiasma Modern Art Museum, there were some real masterpieces being thrown down. It was here where Swedes Carl Mårtensson, Davis Jakinda, Axel Lindquist & John Romo from Brädkultur skate shop held their own, impressing both the judges and the crowd that had formed around them. Cumulating in a battle between Brädkultur and the locals from Ponkes, Brädkultur eventually dominated and secured themselves 3rd place overall. However, Ponkes’ Kasperi Kropsu did enough to be awarded the accolade of ‘Best Trick’ for his frontside boardslide over the gap.

Another local store – Union Five – with a team consisting of Mathias Stenman, Jeremias Delgado, Jaakko Ojanen & Samu Salonen, really went to town on all three city spots. Creativity and commitment saw them take 1st place, crowning them Vans Shop Riot Nordic Champions and bagging themselves a place in the Vans Shop Riot European Finals, being held in Belgium over October 11th and 12th.

To celebrate, everyone headed to We Got Beef, where they caught up with the crew from the Helsinki Hookup comp that had gone down on the same day, including Vans’ riders Kris Vile, Jonas Skröder and Ross McGouran, making it a full on skate fest and a pretty epic way to end a cracking day.

Vans Shop Riot Norden Results:

1st Union Five (FI)
(Mathias Stenman, Jeremias Delgado, Jaakko Ojanen & Samu Salonen)

2nd ALIS (DK)
(Ville Wester, Thomas Roupe, Diego Fiorese & Bjørn Lillesøe)

3rd Brädkultur (SE)
(Carl Mårtensson, Davis Jakinda, Axel Lindquist & John Romo)


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