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Vans Shop Riot UK South 2014 - Results & Video

Vans Shop Riot UK South 2014 - Results & Video

Vans Shop Riot Vans Shop Riot


Favourites were obviously Black Sheep who have a long history of wins at this event and they fielded an impressive team featuring Rik Fields, Rob Smith, Eddie Belvedere and Jirka. They went on to demolish the competition and qualify in an easy first. They had enough of a crew with them to field a ‘B-Team’ including Andy Scott and Reece Douglas who were on entertaining form. A lot of the other shops with really powerful teams seemed to suffer a lot with too many bails, with such a big park it was important to keep on the board and pack in a lot of tricks rather than wasting time rolling from one end to the other. So many good skaters it’s hard to pick names but Korahn, Charlie Munro, Eddie Bevledere, Adam Keats, Jed Cullen, Kris Vile, Jack Tonge, Eric Thomas, Andy Scott are all names you should be familiar with and know how hard they rip.

The final 3 came down to Black Sheep, Skate Pharmacy and The Ledge with Skate Warehouse and Fifty Fifty narrowly missing the cut. The Ledge took the course apart with a systematic attack on all obstacles hammered home by Eric Thomas’ fakie fifty fifty down the handrail which is by no means a comp standard maneuver! Skate Pharmacy found their place in the final largely due to the onslaught of hammers from John Howlett who is a proper powerhouse and the steady transition skills of Carl ‘Potter’ Wilson but both Kris Vile and Charlie Munro seemed to struggle to find their normal effortless consistency. However in the final these two found their form and stayed on with impressive results notably Kris’ first try backside 360 over the big drive way despite John tacking a nasty slam which left him on the floor for a while. Black Sheep in some ways struggled to find their early form possibly due to tiredness as they definitely went for it in the qualifiers. Rob Smith took a few more goes than usual to land the ‘crowd pleasers’ and didn’t attempt the transfer over into the roll-in, which could have possibly changed the final outcome. Still they skated incredibly as usual and it was a tough fought battle.

Both teams were fairly evenly matched skills wise but it came down to a mix of consistency, stamina and a splattering of luck. Skate Pharmacy took the win by a unanimous judges decision leaving Black Sheep in a respectable second and The Ledge in third.

Thanks to Kev (and everyone else!) at Prevail for all their efforts, Marc Churchill for working the mic, Judges, Red Bull, Shiner and everyone for coming down and making it a rad day.


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