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Vans Shop Riot 2011 France

Vans Shop Riot 2011 France

Vans Shop Riot Vans Shop Riot

The 2011 edition had 18 shops with:
All Rider, NDJ, Mighty Moe, Pacific wear, Mojito, Nozebone, Can’t Stop, L’echoppe, Zeropolis, ABS Annecy, Starcow, Click, Wallstreet, Hawai Surf, Woodies, Bamboo, 3 style, Riot

The stage has been set for another battle of epic proportions as the very best shop teams from the far reaches of Europe. The teams battle against each other to determine who has the rightful claim to the title of Europe’s Best Shop Team. Now in its third year, the Vans Shop Riot added €5.000 in the prize pot to resurrect old rivalries and ensure that only the very best and most ruthless team will walk away with the crown.

However, not just any team can roll up to the Vans Shop Riot finals in Paris this fall. In order to earn the right to participate, teams will have to achieve domestic success in their own country during the local qualifications that are taking place in the lead up to the main event. Having established themselves on their own turf, the big test will be in Paris as the local winners are invited on an all expense paid trip to the finals.

The format for the Vans Shop Riot remains the same; an all-street contest with bonus points awarded for impromptu secret missions, which makes for a challenging day for athletes and an entertaining one for spectators.

This year the Vans Shop Riot is looking bigger and better than ever, Paris will host more teams than ever before as they look to claim bragging rights and a slice of the huge €5.000 prize money. With local competitions taking place in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Israel, Estonia, Finland, Holland and many more, the 2010 defending champions ABS Annecy Skateshop have the advantage of playing at home this year. ABS will be keen to retain their titles, whilst there will be no shortage of rivals more than willing to give them a run for their money.

Regardless of who walks away victorious from Paris, you can be rest assured that they will have had to fend off the very best of European talent to get there and that the level of skateboarding will be incredible.

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