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Vans Shop Riot 2011 European Finals

Vans Shop Riot 2011 European Finals

Vans Shop Riot Vans Shop Riot

This weekend saw 45 Skaters from 11 stores from 11 countries head to Chelles in France, to battle it out for the 2011 Vans Shop Riot final.

After an early morning practice session and a little BBQ lunch action the final quickly got underway with each team getting a 5 minute qualification session.

From the start two things were obvious the level of skating was high and the crowd were hyped.

The quarterfinals were conducted in a quick fire ‘battle’ format consisting of 3 minute rounds with 2 teams up against each other, the winners progressing on to the next level.

The Israeli crew from Gili’s Skateshop, the Spanish guys from Picnic, the English chaps from Black Sheep and the Belgian dudes from Zumiez all made it through to the semi’s and after an sick session it was Black Sheep and Zumiez that were the most consistent and naturally ended up battling in the final.

It was Black Sheep who finally ended up on top with a great final run which assured them victory and meant they are the winners of the 2011 Vans Shop Riot.

The best rider prize went to Axel Cruysbergs from the Zumiez team who all agreed had been on top his game for the whole comp.

RIDER OF THE DAY – Axel Cruysbergs
JUDGE’s Choice/Fighting spirit – Will Makala
1ST BEST TRICK #1 – Rob Smith-Many tricks
1ST BEST TRICK #2 – Olly Tyreman-Bs Boneless
1ST BEST TRICK #3 – Dimitri Kostoff-Fs Feeble
2ND BEST TRICK #1 – Kevin Tshala-Nollie Kickflip noseslide 360° out
2ND BEST TRICK #2 – Fabian Verhage-Gap to Noseblunt
2ND BEST TRICK #3 – Kevin Vu-Bs Noseblunt


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